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  • New Banks, New Currencies and New Markets in a Multicurrency World: Roadmap for a Post-Scarcity Economy by 2050 (article) (Oct 2009) image PDF
  • Economic Fallacies of Future Technology (article) (Aug 2008) image PDF
  • Future Economy: Roadmap 2050 (paper) (Jul 2008) image PDF
  • Markets 2.0: (essay) (Oct 2006), (presentation) (Apr 2008) image PPT image PDF, Taxonomy, Predictions
  • Genomics Health Revolution (article) (Jun 2009) HTML image DOC image PDF
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  • "The Singularity is Near" - Ray Kurzweil (Feb 2006) image PDF
  • "On Intelligence" - Jeff Hawkins (Apr 2006) image PDF
  • "The Black Swan" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Jun 2007) image PDF
  • "Collapse"- Jared Diamond (Jun 2006) image PDF
  • "Blink" - Malcolm Gladwell (Mar 2006) image PDF
  • "How Doctors Think" - Jerome Groopman (Sep 2007) image PDF
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