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Markets 2.0 Area Key Players Future Events
Affinity Investing    
Equity: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Mutual Funds Citizens Funds
Calvert Funds
Good Capital
  • Citizens and Calvert to launch different flavors of SRI funds
  • Mainstream mutual fund companies (Fidelity, etc.) to offer SRI and other affinity funds
Debt: Socially Responsible / Responsive Debt (SRD) Urban Logic
  • Institutional investors (CalPERS, etc.) requesting community metric data in bond offering presentations (e.g.; pollution levels, public transportation utilization, degree of green infrastructure)
Debt: Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending Marketplaces Prosper
Lending Club
  • Prosper to reach milestone numbers ($ loans, # borrowers) $100M in loans (currently $15M)
  • Zopa to launch in the US
Real Estate: P2P Mortgage, pooled investment groups  
  • Website(s) offering P2P aggregated real estate investing
Prediction Markets Intrade
Iowa Electronic Markets
Long Bets
  • Increasing press citation and accuracy of Prediction Markets; e.g.; regarding election outcomes, operating system wars, opening weekend movie receipts
  • eBay/Amazon announce portable Reputations Website(s) offering P2P aggregated real estate investing
Affinity Philanthropy    
Crowd sourcing, crowd financing, donation Fundable (general)
Sellaband (music)
Swarm of Angels (film)
Have Money will Vlog (video blog)
DonorsChoose (education) (R&D)
  • Increase in site activity
  • Launch of more crowd sourcing site in other areas including basic research, science, etc. funding
  • Availability of web 2.0 widget to personalize website with social donation activity
Personalization and Platform Personal foundations Wordpress plugin
  • Crowd source badges
Affinity Purchasing    
Legacy Affinity Purchasing Organic
Fair trade
Hybrid, electric autos
  • 5-10% price premium for legacy attribute goods disappears
Certified Products Forest/lumber
Fair trade
  • Proliferation of product/service certification businesses and certified offerings
aggregated buygroups commanding purchase discount
  • Social community websites (MySpace, Facebook) to enable GroupPurchase
  • Internet community B2B groupPpurchase applications to launch
Affinity Product and Service Tagging Urban Logic
Microsoft Aura
  • User content tagging extends from photos and news articles to products and services
Purchase Personalization and Broadcast ThisNext ShopCast
  • Proliferation of affinity shopping websites and personalized shopcast badges/widget functionality
Affinity Earning    
Wikinomics Ideagoras: Innocentive
Nine Sigma
InnovationXchange Network
Your Encore
Innovation Relay Centres
Mechanical Turk
  • Growing small percentage of people making full time livings with ideagora networks
Virtual World Economies    
MMORPGS and Metaverse Worlds World of Warcraft
Ultima Online
Second Life
Sims Online
  • Virtual world economies reach milestones: Second Life reaches 5 million, 10 million residents, There reaches 1,000,000 residents; Second Life, a $7 milion USD per month economy July 2006 - December 2006 extends to a $25 million, $50 million USD per month economy
Platform Multiverse
  • Proliferation of user-developed gaming, learning, entertainment applications (10 solid marketable application emerging from's ecosystem of 500 licensed developers and additional open source development platform offerings
Political Affinity Markets  
  • Live ongoing web-based opinion polls, issues barometers on social community websites
  • Popular voting on legislative agenda/issues
  • Add voting records to FEC (Federal Election Commission) and OpenSecrets campaign finance mash-ups

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