Research interests
          "embracing a vast field in my vision"

General Research Interests

Applied conceptual philosophy, complexity theory, authenticity, biotechnicity, quantitative risk management, crowd models, digital art, big data, quantified self and qualified self, and fourth person perspective

Specific Research Interests

Philosophy: difference, temporality, duration, vagueness, virtuality, representation, the new, epistemology, knowledge generation, posthuman existentialism, the self, personal utility functions, design, aesthetics, art, computational philosophy

Science: genomics, microbiomics, aging, synthetic biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, DNA nanotechnology, biomolecular interface, health 2.0, quantified self-tracking

Meta: universal laws, entropy, complex adaptive systems, symmetry, turbulence, network theory, graphy theory

Futurist: human augmentation, intelligence, integration of machines and biology, future economics, prediction markets, post-scarcity economy

Project Archive (2006-2009)

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