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Web 2.0 is moving very fast and a web widget code swatch allowing dynamic viewing of calendar website event subsets on other websites is an obvious idea.

However, Yahoo's Upcoming only offered this functionality via a clumsy API that required 1) that an application (not a badge) be self-hacked and 2) uploaded to your own server which 3) had to be running the latest version of PHP.

That is until Yahoo Hack Day 2006, September 29-30 where I designed and presented "Hack Number 46. Community 2.0," a broader implementation of the Upcoming Badge, envisioning local organizations posting a dynamically-updating list of events held by other nationwide chapters of the same organization on their website, "Nationwide event posting on your group's website."

Strangely, sometime in October 2006, Upcoming made an easy-design web badge feature which kicks out a few lines of html that can be easily pasted into a webpage to have selected Upcoming events appear on your website.

What coincidental timing...

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